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1 Aug 2016

Recap: Ukip's Farage, And 20 Years Of Hypocrisy Laid Bare

'Tis a wondrous thing indeed, and a joy to behold, to see a politician brutally exposed as a hypocrite - live on air.

Especially as that politician - yes, it's Nigel were speaking of - has now come to the end of his lifespan in Ukip.

And we were treated to such an event recently as St Nigel hosted his occasional radio show on LBC, with the bonus of a live webcam.

Comfortably settled in, with calls carefully screened to avoid any tricky ones, little did Nigel know he was about to be blind-sided by a master. Because Richard Day, of Pembrokeshire, caught Farage in the most perfect ambush.

The subject in question was Farage's, and Ukip's, constant refrain of migrants 'fitting in' and 'learning our language' - which is all quite reasonable of course.

What most people don't know, however, is that Nigel Farage, despite being officially resident in Brussels for over 2 decades, is famous within Ukip for... refusing to learnt the local language. He boasts of knowing "less than twenty words" of French. Or Flemish. Or much German, for that matter, despite that being the nationality of his wife.

Here's the full clip. The payoff comes at 00:55 ... and just watch Nigel squirm.

Beautiful, wasn't it? Especially Nigel's best defence: "I'm very good with a wine list...".

We know, Nige, we've seen your expenses claims.

The incident very quickly went viral, allowing those who didn't catch the show to pick up the story, nationwide, with the video on LBC's Facebook site becoming it's most-viewed for the whole month.

There have been many threads on Social Media stating that Farage's show on the Ukip-friendly LBC was getting too soft for him, and no critics could get through because of the brutal call screening. Mr Day found a way around it, with panache, and Farage crashed and burned, live.

Mr Day said:
"I just find the bloke objectionable. This is an example of his hypocrisy."
"I kind of lured him into it a bit I suppose, and I was inviting him to come out with his train story - the one when he felt uneasy and said people have to learn the language of the country they're in."
"But it's the hypocrisy which annoys me. He's telling immigrants that they must speak perfect English and the plonker hasn't bothered to learn it himself."
Here's the thing: It shouldn't be down to activists like Mr Day to expose such hypocrisy. This is what professional journalists should be doing, but mostly they are too timid, uninformed, or their own agenda precludes them from asking the tough questions.

As Richard Day continues:
"There was a time in British politics where if a politician got caught out in a blatant lie, he’d have to what they call ‘reconsider his position’. In other words, resign. But Farage has told so many lies and they let him get away with it all the time."
"We shouldn’t allow our politicians to do that. Maybe that’s an old-fashioned thing but we really shouldn’t."
We whole-heartedly agree.

But at least this episode serves, for us, as the perfect epitaph for the end of Nigel's reign as King of Ukipland. Shot down in flames by a valiant Welshman.

We shall leave the last words to Mr Day:
"My French is quite good. My Dutch is quite good. I can get by in half a dozen other languages… And here’s this bloke, who went to a £30,000 private school, who only speaks bloody English. But it’s not because of his intelligence – it’s just because he doesn’t like foreign!"

Far Right Watch Team

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