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1 Jun 2016

Thoughts on Fascism, Peace, And Brexit .. From Hulk. No, Not That One.

Beautiful, this. These very personal words, are from Hulk of "Hulk and Tank Girl Smash The Fash" on Facebook.
"I promised a man who fought, killed and lost so many friends, who saw the horrors of Belsen, and I am doing the best I can in my life to keep my promise, when his hand held mine and he said 'Never Again' through his tears I repeated those words they are etched on my heart and soul with 'No Pasaran'."

"Humanity is moving beyond nationalism, it doesn't mean don't be proud of your heritage, origins, your history but we have to reach out to one another, the battle lines are drawn and it's not Fascism against socialism, it's Fascism against empathy."

"It's time for a new banner to be raised, a flag of white not for surrender but for peace, and on that flag three simple words, humanity, empathy, compassion. This
[Brexit] vote won't be decided on the facts because we have none, it will be decided on how each person feels and this is how I feel."

"No Pasaran! - Hulk
It matches in some ways this moderator's own experiences, talking to my grandfather who fought Mosley's thugs in the East End of London, and then toddled off casually to Spain to fight alongside many against Franco's Fascists, before serving in Norway and France in WWII.

He only spoke of this in his later years, when the National Front reared it's ugly head, and he made the comparisons. He proudly showed me his scars. I never knew until then that he had fought in Spain.

Bergen-Belsen Concentration Camp, liberated on
April 15, 1945, by British 11th Armoured Division.

Some of the British Division, International Brigade
In Spain, probably 1938 at or near Teruel.
This writer's grandfather is 3rd right at the back.

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